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Keep it in the Family #2: “Penguin’s Promise”

My second year painting class got me producing a lot of work.  Our professor, Shawn Serfas, had a knack for getting his students to be productive.  He did not just crack the whip, but he was very inspiring.  Most people were big fans of his work, so it was always nice to tell people that a certain painting was done under his tutelage.  Wow, I’ve never used that word before, ‘tutelage’.  Now I’ve used it twice.

PENGUIN’S PROMISE by Benjamin Goward 3 x 4 ft Acrylic on Canvas 2005

Anyway, Penguin’s Promise was one of those works.  It is a still life with several objects that I picked out myself.  For starter’s, the penguin.  It was a funny-looking sculpture that was abandoned by one of the students in the sculpture class downstairs.  The guitar was my mother’s, and the technicolour blanket was a covering from my grandmother’s rocking chair that had been passed on to us.  The box of kleenex is…a box of kleenex.  The big black thing dangling off the armrest is a deflated inner tube from a bicycle tire.  Art students *smh* (shake my head, roll my eyes).  I scoff at them on your behalf!

Once again, this painting was bought by my mother.  Nothing to be ashamed of there, but nothing really to be proud of either.  She is very kind and generous, and gave me $300 for this one, I think.  It was such a long time ago.  Now it is proudly hanging up at my brother’s house as a gift from her.

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