I just did a fun research poll on Facebook, asking my Facebook friends to pick their favourite website name out of a list of domain names I was considering buying.  In one day I got 16 votes, which was enough for some decisive statistics!  Well, I thought it would be fun to do that again, only this time, the poll is completely about you!  You can pick more than one thing, and you can even insert your own if your answer is not in the list.  I want to know what motivates you the most right now!  have fun!2194_51286554778_7276_n

So this is a watery acrylic painting I did in art school of a basketball card I had.  Jimmy Oliver was a stylish benchwarmer in the NBA, can’t remember what team though.

You may have noticed one of the answers in the poll is earn money online.  You may have also noticed many of the other options are things I would probably want to do as well, like travel somewhere warm.  I guess moving back to Kelowna, BC recently counts, even though it is still winter here.  But you know what I mean…I was thinking Florida, Hawaii, maybe even Thailand!  Somewhere truly tropical!  and safe.  but this is an art blog, not a travel blog.