You probably have this post figured out already from the title.  Yes, this painting was bought by a family member – my mother.  For any artist, this isn’t exactly a boost to the ego, but at least it is on a wall.  She actually ended up gifting it to one of my brothers, so he has it up in his house now.  I know it has received lots of positive feedback already, so hopefully that will continue in cyberspace!

A Polish friend of mine in art school had some photos that she took during her trip to Europe, and this lighthouse was one of them.  She kindly allowed me to borrow it to do this painting, in my first painting studio art class.

LIGHTHOUSE by Benjamin Goward 2 x 3 ft Acrylic on Canvas 2005

Our instructor was professor Shawn Serfas, who I will try to blog about more this week, if I can find a good article on him.