Every once in a  while when I am perusing deep in my archives of art photos I find images of paintings I did in university

PEAPOD by Benjamin Goward 3′ x 4′ Acrylic on Canvas 2005 (sold)

.  There are a few that I painted over that I wish I hadn’t, but over the years the tally of painting sales has added up as well.  In this series of posts, I want to share a few old favourites.  I will tell you a bit about each one, and if I can remember, where I sold them.

The first one up, I named “Peapod” (figure 1).  It is just a fun abstract that ended up having a few elements of reality.  People will naturally look for things in the painting that are familiar.  In this case, yes, there was something that looked like a pea pod, but I think I realized this was happening before I finished the work, and I embellished the drip line that I made.  I think I could have gone with the dolphin looking shape in the background as well.  It kind of looks like it’s raining on a body of water in one area, and then there’s a partial dolphin jumping out of the water.  Of course, the most obvious one that just jumps right out is the white face shape.  I decided not to go any further with it.  I didn’t have a great deal of confidence drawing facial features at the time, and I was quite happy with the painting in this state so I didn’t bother taking any risks with that.

Selling a painting is quite an emotional high for any artist I imagine, and this was no exception for me.  I don’t cry or get ‘huggy’, but I certainly remember the venue it was sold at, and in this case, the modest price of $275.  This painting was on display for a month at a coffee shop in Kelowna called “The Verve”.  It closed down about a year after, but it was a good place for me to show my work. It was a relatively new shop so there wasn’t a lot of competition for space from other artists.  I grew up in Kelowna, so I had a pretty good idea of places to look to hang my paintings, but I still had to go to quite a few places.  Some spots, like The Bean Scene, had a 1 year waiting list, so I would put my name down for a month, and then go somewhere else.  I never had any luck there.