I have a hard time getting started on a painting if my work area is full of stuff.  It is a lot easier to stay motivated when you have a room (or part of a room) with desk space, and room to work with a clean floor.  Okay, the floor doesn’t have to be clean, clean.  For me it needs to be clean, but also covered so that I’m not hindered by fear of dripping paint on the floor and losing my damage deposit.  My current setup has a plastic sheet and then a drop cloth over top of the sheet.  Drip away!

Other things I need before getting started are clean brushes, tidy and organized paint (grouped by similar colours), and a jar of clean water.  If you’re like me, it is also nice to have less junk throughout the entire house, and even outside in the garage (if you have one).

BOTANICAL HANGMAN by Benjamin Goward  4 x 4 ft Acrylic on Canvas 2006 (sold)

One thing I have been doing recently in preparation for a move is selling big items that I don’t want to take with me.  I have sold many items in just a few days using kijiji ads on my phone.  It seems to be a popular site in my current city, Lloydminster, Alberta.  I try to price things in a way that people will respond quickly, but also taking into consideration the quality and current condition of the item, what I paid for it, and what I think people would be willing to pay for it used.